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ChicagoArt.Org is a searchable public database of information and resources of artists, galleries, publications, web sites, organizations, services, and past exhibitions in the Chicago area. All the information is from public sources, in print or on the web.

The information presented here is offered in the hope that it may be of use, but is presented without warrantee of any sorts. You may correct, add, or modify any of it. See [below].

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Searches are case insensitive, and you may use partial words, but the phrase must be exact and must include at least four sequential characters. Searches may include words as part of URLs.

Add information or make corrections

You may add your own name as a visual artist, organization, or agency and include addresses, contacts, URL's, descriptions, who-is-who information, or notes about yourself or other people -- as long as you offer public information. We may need verifyable sources. Go to the [additions] page for additions or corrections. We cannot add to the database of openings and exhibitions.

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